Tourist Ration - by ARPOL

Tourist Ration - by ARPOL

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Tourist Ration - by ARPOL

Civilian ration by the Polish Army supplier ARPOL. Advertised as a 'Tourist' ration, it includes both a flame less ration heater and a standard ESBIT style solid fuel stove.


- Sausage with Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce 400g

- Meat Pate 100g

- SU-1 Crackers 45g

- Isotonic drink powder

- Tea bag

- Flameless ration heater

- Water sachet for FRH (not for consumption)

- ESBIT heater set (6 fuel tabs, heater, matches)


- Toothbrush

- Cutlery

- Wet wipes x 2