Polish Individual Battle ration RB2 - ARPOL

Polish Individual Battle ration RB2 - ARPOL

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The Individual Battle ration RB2 is a huge civilian ration produced by Arpol in Poland.  It utilises very similar components as the Polish Army SRG rations with a few additions and improvements. One of the few rations to include water sachets to be used to activate the flameless-ration-heaters used to heat up the main entrees. 

2022 best before 



Meal A

- Sausage and Bean stew 400g

- Meat Pate 100g

- Fruit Jam 25g

- Crispy Bread 100g

- Instant Tea Powder 15g

- Fruit & Cereal bar 35g


Meal B

- Spaghetti Bolognese 400g

- SU-1 Polish Army Crackers 45g

- Instant Tea Powder 15g

- Condensed Milk 100g

- Dark Chocolate 100g


Meal C

- Lucheon Meat 100g

- SU-1 Polish Army Crackers 45g

- Honey 25g

- Instant Tea Powder 15g

- Fruit & Cereal bar 35g



- Hot Chocolate Powder 25g

- Salted peanuts 50g

- Sugar 3 x 10g

- Coffee extract sweet x 3

- Vitamin C sweet x 3

- Mint chewing gum x 3

- Salt & Pepper x 3

- Tea bag

- Cutlery x 3

- Plastic bag

- Matches

- Toilet paper

- Wet wipes x 3

- Disposable toothbrush pre-coated with toothpaste x 3

- Flameless ration heater x 2

- Water sachet for FRH x 2