Russia 'Friendship of People' 24 hour ration

Russia 'Friendship of People' 24 hour ration

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Russia Friendship of People 24 hour ration

Rare and unique Russian ration!

Menu 4

- Wheat crackers 4 x 50g

 - Goulash with Buckwheat 250g

- 'Lazy cabbage rolls' 250g

- Poultry Ham 250g

- Chicken Liver Pate 100g

- Ham Chopped Mince Meat 100g

- Vegetable Caviar 100g

- Fruit and Berry Jelly 100g

- Chocolate and nut paste 50g

- Tonic drink 30g

- Processed Cheese 70g

- Apple Jam 45g

- Fruit Stick - Prunes & Nuts 50g

- Instant Coffee 

- Tea x 2

+ Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Chewing Gum, Portable Heater set, Windproof matches, Wet wipes, Paper napkins, water disinfectant tablets, Plastic spoons


4130-4340 KCAL


March 2025 best before