Russian Mountain FSB special forces 24h ration

Russian Mountain FSB special forces 24h ration

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Russian Mountain FSB special forces 24h ration

This ration is ranked THE BEST of the Russian military rations. It's used by the FSB (Federal Security Service), to be utilised in combat theaters of high altitude & cold climate (Caucasus, Siberia etc). 

Over 5,000kcal!

It uses retort pouches instead of the typical metal cans used in normal Russian rations. It also includes flameless ration heaters and various other components as listed below. 

July 2024 best before


Army Wheat Crackers 50g x 5 packs

Buckwheat Porridge with Beef 250g

Pasta with Beef 250g

Sausage Mince meat 100g

Rice Soup with Meat (add water) 40g

Wheat Porridge with Meat (add water) 40g

Sweet Rice Porridge (add water) 40g

Beef with Garlic 100g

Processed Cheese 80g

Hazelnut chocolate paste 50g

Chocolate Bar 20g x 5 packs

Fruit jam 100g

Fruit bar 50g


Sugar x 2

Tea x 2

Tonic drink powder 25g x 3



Flameless ration heater x 3


Fuel for stove x 3 tablets

Water purification tablets

Water resistant matches

Wet wipes

Paper napkins


Tin opener


Some contents may vary due to factory shortages - please use the above as a guide (as printed on the ration label)